Friday, 30 December 2011

Notes from a Reluctant Blogger

For a soon-to-be published first time author, the reasons for blogging are clear. It's expected now--the done thing. It's also a good way, supposedly, to connect with potential readers and fellow writers, to share one's vision and "journey" to publication with them.

For me, a life-long loudmouth, blogging should feel utterly divine.  As many words as I can spew out, with no-one trying to get a word in edgeways?


But it doesn't quite feel that way. Feels a bit lonely on this page. No real-life friends to laugh with, no brother or sister to agree or disagree with, no children to embarrass or students to make cringe. There aren't even any facebook friends or twitter "followers" to comment, make jokes, press "like" or retweet.

No. It's just me here. (Whistles nervously, shuffling feet.)

I don't even have any characters to hang out with. That's the loneliest bit of all, the most exposing. Not having a handy mask in the form of imaginary people, having to be just "me."


I suppose the only way to alleviate this loneliness is to do what a blog is meant to do--I'll need to draw people in. Make it less about me, me, me and make it more about you, or her, or them or us.  I'm pretty boring on my own. But I hang around with lots of interesting characters, both real and imaginary!

Welcome to our blog!