Saturday, 26 May 2012

At Yellow Lake--How Lucky Am I? Very!

A few months ago, I launched my first book in the US. It was an absolutely joyous occasion, as I was on home turf, and in the company of my immediate family and many lifelong friends. I was able to launch at one of the US's most celebrated children's bookstores, Wild Rumpus, and hold an additional event at a leading regional independent bookseller. The good will and support, the enthusiastic turnout, the amazing cakes--it was more than any writer could ask for.

But I've always been greedy.

So, less than 2 weeks from now, I'm doing it all again!

I'll be celebrating the UK launch (which should have come first, anyway, as the US date was re-arranged due to my travel plans) of At Yellow Lake. Again, there will be many long-time friends in attendance, as well as my husband, children and other family members. Again the venue will be a highly-celebrated children's bookstore--Independent Children's Bookstore of the Year 2012, the delightful Book Nook in Hove.

Again, there will be cake....

And this time there will be wine, too!

Yes, I am very, very lucky. I'm  very, very grateful, too.

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