Monday, 23 July 2012

School's Out Forever

My final teaching day was earlier this week and I said goodbye to some of the classes I've worked with for almost a year. It's always (OK, usually) sad, saying goodbye to children, and I was genuinely touched by my students' good wishes and their reasonably convincing refrains of  "We'll miss you, Miss."

Although I'm happy to be leaving teaching, I wish my students every success and hope they continue to enjoy their learning. (10YA: there's your promised plug!)

I'd intended to write a longer post, sharing some final thoughts on teaching and education....the need for more creative time and space, my hopes for a  "slow-learning movement" in English, which could create a real appreciation of literature and writing for all students, not just the most able or motivated.

I'd hoped to thank (again) the brilliant support and SEN staff at my school, who make inclusion work and remind us that education is for everyone, regardless of what trolls like Toby Young may think.

But...the sun is shining and the year is over and I've already forgotten that I ever was a teacher!

"Igor" Young and his evil master Govenstein have been reduced to shadowy figures in a year 7 story that ends with the phrase "and it was all a dream."

This nightmare will recur, of course, but in the meantime...

what Alice says!


  1. It must be a strange time, saying goodbye forever to something that has been such a part of your life but at the same time looking forward with joy, expectation and perhaps a little dread at the future! Good luck and good writing!

  2. You made me feel a little nostalgic for my own, old life as a teacher and brought a tear to my eye... funny mix of relief and regret. As I've said before, write on, Jane!

  3. Thanks, Malaika and Candy. A bit anxious about the future, and will need to keep working at some sort of day job, but classroom teaching requires 100% commitment and I wasn't able to give that any more. I'm sure I'll remain in close touch with the world of education, one way or the other.