Monday, 25 November 2013

Why I Love the SCBWI Conference

I've just returned from the SCBWI British Isles annual conference in Winchester and I'm buzzing with enthusiasm and happiness after spending time in the company of so many wonderful writers and illustrators.

Before the bubbles burst (actually, I think the SCBWI "high" will last a long time!) I'd like to share my top ten conference experiences. OR--so that it fits into the Words and Pictures blog remit--my top ten reasons Why I Love the SCBWI Conference.

1) Most heartwarming moment: Being part of the crowd that honoured the gracious Natasha Biebow for her 15 years of service as regional adviser, "growing" SCBWI British Isles from 35 members to 700, and overseeing the launch of so many helpful and innovative projects.

2)Proudest moment: Watching Dave Cousins receive the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award for Europe. Dave was part of  our Undiscovered Voices 2010 cohort, and I am always thrilled by the success of any "gang members." Just remember, world...we 2010ers knew Dave first!

3)Most helpful moments: The many chats with fellow writers, when we shared our ups and downs, gained a sense of perspective and re-invigorated our self-confidence and our commitment tp writing.

4) Funniest moment. Being "crowned" a cyberman at the launch party by my fantastic (and imaginative)  co-compere Mo O'Hara. Yes, I can laugh about it now...

5) Most embarrassing moment: During Elizabeth Wein and Sheena Wilkinson's Sunday workshop on "world building," I destroyed an entire Playmobile "universe" with my butt. Not on purpose. And in front of many witnesses. All of whom found it hilarious...

They did not realise how little time they had left...

6) Happiest moment:  Realising that there was still wine left after Mo and I had finished our compering duties!

7) Most exhausting moment: Going upstairs after the "after party".

8) Most comfortable moment...kicking off those high heels.

9) All around best moment: Celebrating everyone's successes! 

Congrats, 2013 authors and fellow Cyberman! 


10) Looking forward to it all again in 2014! 


  1. A fine top ten Jane — sorry, who are you by the way?
    One of my conference highlights was your Saturday night double act with Mo.
    Always great to see you. Wish I'd been there for the Playmobile Armageddon!
    cheers Dave

  2. Cheers, Dave! I was, of course, using comic license for number 5. t was just my skirt that caused the carnage...right witnesses?

    1. I can confirm that - was sitting next to her! Jane's skirt was a particularly assertive denim material and the Playmobil table needed some putting in its place anyway.

    2. Thanks for helping me set the record straight, Sheila!

  3. You were a terrible cyberman, Jane (good thing). Great legs! Lovely yo see you!

  4. Jane, all respect to you!, I've only confessed my most embarrassing moment to four people so far….
    Great legs! Fab cyber crown!