Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy Brave New Year

It's been a quiet time on the blog, what preparations for the holidays, trying to forge ahead with a new work-in-progress, and batting away the agents of creative despair and self-doubt that have been winging their way to me with alarming regularity...

Now, after a lovely and cheering Christmas, it's time to slap down those pesky negative tricksters and look ahead into an exciting 2014!

I'm not exactly sure what I have to look forward to in 2014, but I'm doing my best to make that uncertainty part of the thrill! I'm determined to take a few more healthy risks in life and work and see where that leads. My new motto is going to be--what's the worst that can happen?

Of course, on the inside I'll be busy compiling a long list of the things that can happen, culminating in the worst (which will involve being plunged into an abyss or attacked by wolves or being thrust into a real-life "Gravity" scenario without Sandra Bullock's superhuman survival skills--and not in 3D either, so every horrible thing happening will be crystal clear, not seen through a disorienting green haze).

But on the outside, I'll be all "Yes, of course!" and "Why not ?" and no one will know that my "inner marshmallow" is quivering like an overturned blancmange (whatever a blancmange is...).

This is what a blancmange is...

So, here's to a brave new year for all of us. I hope that a little courageous front and false bravado is all we'll need to see us through.

But for the times when we may need real courage and strength, I hope we find that, too.

Happy new year, my friends! Have a wonderful and exciting 2014!


  1. Happy New Year to you Jane and happy risk-taking - just what I feel like doing too!

  2. Thanks, Miriam. Thelma and Louise will have nothing on us! xx

  3. My your inner marshmallow turn out to be a potato! Lots of love to you in the new year!

  4. Thanks, Candy. My inner marshallow has sadly turned into my outer marshmallow this Christmas...mmm, chocolate...